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Difrent Rental Disclaimer

Rental offered by Difrent Rental, ACN 624 271 469, Australian Credit Licence 506892 (Difrent Rental) to approved applicants only and is then subject to terms and conditions (available on this website). Credit approval is at the absolute discretion of Difrent Rental based on the information received from applicants throughout the application period.

* Based on goods being rented on a 36 month Difrent Rental contract paid weekly

^ Goods must:

  • Be advertised online by an Australian retailer that:
    • is willing and able to facilitate sale of the goods to Difrent Rental and supply of the goods to the consumer; and
    • delivers to the consumer’s residential address; or
    • is located at an address that the consumer, subject to being approved by Difrent Rental, could reasonably (in Difrent Rental’s sole judgement) attend to collect the goods.
  • Be in stock with the retailer that will be supplying the goods, or otherwise be able to be supplied by the retailer to the consumer within 30 days of the consumer applying for rental
  • Be approved for rental by Difrent Rental at its sole discretion. Difrent Rental rents I.T. products, A/V goods and appliances but retains the right to not rent any particular item to an approved customer, for any reason whatsoever
  • Have a retail value of at least $100 individually and of at least $200 in combination
  • Be new, in factory condition and original packaging

Should there be multiple retailers that meet the above conditions for particular goods, Difrent Rental, at its absolute discretion, will have the right to arrange for goods to be supplied by the retailer of its choice.