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Westinghouse 8kg EasyCare 500 Heat Pump Dryer WDH804N7WA

Enhance your laundry experience with the Westinghouse 8kg EasyCare 500 Heat Pump Dryer WDH804N7WA, designed for ultimate convenience and efficiency. This innovative dryer utilizes heat pump technology to significantly reduce energy consumption while delivering exceptional drying results. With an 8kg capacity, it's perfectly suited for the demands of busy households. The EasyCare 500 features multiple drying programs to cater to all types of fabrics, from delicates to heavy towels, ensuring your clothes come out feeling fresh and with minimal wrinkles. Its intuitive controls and modern design make it a seamless addition to any home. Choose the Westinghouse Heat Pump Dryer for a smarter, more sustainable way to care for your clothes.

  • Height 850mm
  • Width 600mm
  • Depth 662mm
  • Energy Star Rating 7
  • Dryer Type Heat Pump
  • Drying capacity 8kg
  • Number of Programs 12